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August 3, 2018 -- Using the pejorative "white supremacist," reported that a "neo-Nazi" group displayed a banner reading, “Stop the invasion, end immigration.”

The far left seems incapable of rationally debating immigration issues. Consequently, it stoops to using ad hominem attacks and hate speech to vilify those with whom they disagree. 

A rule of thumb: Whenever the fake media uses the term "white supremacist" or "neo-Nazi," assuming they are lying. 

In reality the banner was displayed by a patriotic group, Identity Evropa. 

From Wall Street Journal ▼

A white-nationalist group held demonstrations in New York City over the weekend, with several dozen protesters making a rare appearance in the unfriendly territory of liberal Manhattan.

The group, Identity Evropa, staged a protest in Fort Tryon Park in northern Manhattan on Saturday afternoon. Photos show a large white-and-teal banner reading “STOP THE INVASION. END IMMIGRATION” that was hung over a big stone archway. It faced the Hudson River and the Henry Hudson Parkway, the heavily trafficked thoroughfare that runs along...



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