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August 4, 2018

from source article -- About one hundred black insurgents, deemed "migrants" by the far-left media, staged a protest in the municipality of Varennes-sur-Allier, France.

Sign-toting protesters complained of being compelled to work between seven and 17 hours per day. They also expressed displeasure with allotted food which, they said, contained too little meat. 

One can't help but to wonder what motivated these insurgents, all of whom appear to be black Africans, to make the trek to Western Europe. Apparently they expected a free ride at the expense of white Frenchmen. 

From ▼ translated by Google

A hundred migrants, hosted at the reception center of Varennes-sur-Allier, demonstrated Tuesday afternoon in front of the gendarmerie of the town, denouncing their living conditions. For the leaders of the Viltaïs association who manage the center, the migrants express their anxiety about the future, while recognizing that the credit losses affect the operation of the center. 

A hundred or so migrants from the reception and orientation center in Varennes-sur-Allier demonstrated with banners and slogans in front of the Varennes-sur-Allier gendarmerie from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm 

These migrants, on the site of the former air base, denounce precarious housing conditions imposed by the association Viltaïs ,  site manager.

A hundred migrants from the Varennes-sur-Allier reception center are demonstrating in front of the gendarmerie for a "lack of humanity". They also complain of severe restriction and unsubstantial food.

They complain about food, with bread and milk at lunch, sometimes nothing at night ", and" very little meat ".

They also deplore the fact of having to work "from 7 to 17 hours", every day, under penalty of exclusion for three days.

A delegation met with leaders of Viltaïs, in the premises of the gendarmerie. Fabien Guieze, director of the reintegration pole represented the general directorates and asylum pole of Viltaïs at this meeting. For him, "the residents eat well and have very satisfactory living conditions." Although he acknowledges that the service has declined in quality because the state endowments have dropped by 25%. "So there are fewer people to listen to them, to coach them."

For Fabien Guieze, "there is a lot of anxiety among residents related to the uncertainty of their future and their administrative situation, which could cause this discontent."  

Denis Lorut


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