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August 10, 2018 -- For the record: I'm opposed to killing Jews for sport. I'm also opposed to advocating the slaughter of blacks, brown, yellows, reds, and pre-born babies by Planned Parenthood. 

Nonetheless, if some loon wishes to espouse the murder of people due to immutable characteristics — such as age or ethnicity — that loon should have the right to freely express his views. 

Microsoft apparently disagrees. 

When — a free-speech competitor with Twitter — allowed a participant to express his frustration with Jews, the website was given an ultimatum: Zap the post or be summarily booted from Microsoft Azure. 

Without Microsoft Azure, would effectively cease operation. 

Where will it end? 

An elderly woman in Germany has been imprisoned for daring to express her skepticism about the holocaust. 

Considering the far left is adept at skewing everything from peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches to all white people as offensive and racist, nothing is safe from online censors. 

Furthermore, trolls and moles could potentially cause the demise of most any website with public content simply by bombing that site with "hate speech."

Eventually First Amendment lines will need to be drawn via the Supreme Court to protect free expression from those who find offense. 

In summation: Posts advocating the deaths of post-born Jews is taboo. Posts advocating the deaths of pre-born Jews (and others) is cool. 

For the record: claims that about 30,000 Jews are killed in Israel each year. 2-million have been killed by abortion since 1948. 

From The Hill ▼

A neo-Nazi deleted two posts on Gab, a social media company popular with the alt-right and white supremacists, after Microsoft's cloud computing service threatened to block the platform.

Gab said in a tweet Thursday that Microsoft ordered it to take down a pair of anti-Semitic messages written by Patrick Little, a neo-Nazi who ran for Senate in California. Azure said if Gab did not comply in two days it would suspend its cloud services for the microblogging site, effectively taking it down.

Little on Thursday afternoon voluntarily deleted the posts.

Little’s posts had advocated for physically harming Jews. In one post, Little said he would livestream himself destroying an unspecified Holocaust memorial in the U.S.

In a letter to Gab, Microsoft had said that the "Azure Safeguards team received a complaint about malicious activity” on their platform. The company told Gab that it is “responsible for addressing complaints from third parties” for violating Azure’s service terms.

Microsoft defended its decision in a separate statement.

"Microsoft received a complaint about specific posts on that advocate ‘ritual death by torture’ and the ‘complete eradication’ of all Jews. After an initial review, we have concluded that this content incites violence, is not protected by the First Amendment, and violates Microsoft Azure’s acceptable use policy," Microsoft said in a statement to The Hill. 



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