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August 15, 2018 -- First it was Alex Jones. Now it's Stefan Molyneux.

Molyneux informed his Facebook followers that his YouTube account is apparently being flag bombed resulting in two "strikes" for inappropriate content. A third strike will result in the account being deleted. 

How flag bombing works: A group of attackers (or one attacker with multiple accounts) will select a target video and repeatedly flag it as offensive until the video is removed. 

The removal usually results in a "strike." Three such strikes prompts YouTube to delete the account. 

It appears that YouTube is particularly sensitive to videos exposing Islam in the United Kingdom. 

Attackers commonly target older videos. 

My YouTube account has been deleted five times. The most recent deletion was reversed by YouTube after the content was reviewed and deemed to fall well within the company's guidelines. 

My video, Why feminists approve Muslims raping white girls, was recently flag bombed and removed from YouTube. You may view the offending video below on 


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