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August 12, 2018 -- 

Multiple choice question:

Who's killing people of color by the tens of thousands in Brazil?

a. Ku Klux Klansters
b. Donald Trump
c. People of color in Brazil

The correct answer is "c".

63,880 Brazilians were murdered by their own compatriots in 2017, according to UPI. That's a record. Most were people of color.

Data reveals the homicide rate in Brazil is 30.8 per 100,000 residents. That's nearly six times the murder rate in the United States which is 5.35 homicides per 100,000.

The ethnic and racial correlation is undeniable. But is it also causal? Does dark skin cause violent behavior? If it did we would expect white people to become more violent after tanning themselves at the beach. East Asians, whose skin tone is darker than whites, are actually less violent in the aggregate. 

Brazilian states with the lowest homicides rates — Santa Catarina (10.8), São Paulo (11.1), and Minas Gerais (15.8) —  are located in south Brazil and have substantial white populations.

86.96% of the population of Santa Catarina is white. It is the safest* state in Brazil.

63.1% of the population of São Paulo is white. It is the second safest state in Brazil.

46% of the population of Minas Gerais is white. It is the third safest state in Brazil.

Again, the correlation between demographics and violent crime is obvious. White regions tend to be safer and less violent than non-white regions. And, again, correlation does not constitute causation. 

Of the 40 deadliest* nations on earth, none have white majority populations.

The deadliest white nation is Russia, weighing in as the 41st deadliest nation with a homicide rate of 10.82. The second deadliest white nation is Ukraine which is ranked at 72 on the list with a homicide rate of 6.34.

Nations dominated by East Asians and whites tend to have lower homicide rates while black and Hispanic nations are statistically much more violent.

Iceland, for example, which remains nearly homogeneously white, recorded one homicide in 2016 and maintains a homicide rate of only 0.30 per 100,000. Japan is slightly safer than Iceland reporting a homicide rate of 0.28.

By contrast the five deadliest nations are in the Western hemisphere and none have white-majority populations.

El Salvador (82.84), Honduras (56.52), Venezuela (56.33), US Virgin Islands (49.26), and Jamaica (47.01) record the highest homicide records on earth. 

Our conclusion? Importing cultures of corruption, crime, drug and human trafficking, and violence will not enrich American culture. It will not make us stronger. 

Granted, fomenting an immigration policy that allows the best, brightest, and most civil to enhance our culture may have some value. But opening our borders under the pretext of granting asylum to those fleeing violence will do nothing more than import that violence. There are other avenues to express our empathy.

When Western nations are overwhelmed by violent asylum seekers, where will asylum seekers seek asylum?

*Deadly and safe refer to homicide rates.

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The number of murders in Brazil increased by by 3 percent to a record high of 63,880 in 2017, according to data released by the Brazilian Public Security Forum Thursday. The data showed that 175 people were murdered each day and an overall murder rate of 30.8 per 100,000 people, up from 29.9 in 2016.


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