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August 3, 2018

Getty -- Be afraid. Be very afraid if you are a Democrat.

Heading into the November election season the Republicans are favored to repeat and even exceed the 2016 upset. 

Donald Trump is currently scoring a full 50-percent approval rating, according to Rasmussen. 

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Trump MORE POPULAR THAN OBAMA in poll giving him a 50 percent approval rating

DONALD Trump has a 50 percent approval rating according to a poll which shows that he is even more popular now than he was in 2016 when he won the US election and is more popular than Barack Obama at the same point in his presidency.


The US polling company, Rasmussen Reports, published the poll on Thursday August 2, which was among the very few polls that correctly predicted that Mr Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton in the shock 2016 election.

The difference between this poll and other polls is that this one relies on push button phone call responses so voters do not have to say who they support out loud.

The approval rating of President Trump is five points higher than his predecessor Barack Obama achieved 18 months into his first term in office.

The latest figures include 35 percent of people who strongly approve of the way Trump is performing and 41 percent who strongly disprove.

On August 2 of President Obama's second year as presidency, he was polling at 45 percent in the same survey.

The Rasmussen Report said that 64 percent of “likely Republican voters say that when it comes to major issues facing the nation, their views are closest to those of the president”.



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