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afraid to speak out?

July 16, 2018

Attribution: bulawayo24.com

DAILYKENN.com -- "You need the white man to be there somewhere,” said Joseph Tshuma.

Tshuma is former ally of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's previous president. Tshuma said Zimbabwe needs the help of white people and that driving away white people was a mistake. He was referring to Mugabe's 30-year reign of terror.

Mugabe is an anti-white racist who attempted to model his nation's economy on the dogma's of the discredited 19th century Marxism sociological cult. 

In so doing Mugabe's government confiscated land owned by white farmers.

Attributed to Eddie Cross, a white politician, economist, and blogger in Zimbabwe, are the following statistics:

An estimated 23,000 homesteads including 350,000 staff houses were seized. Most were burned or otherwise vandalized.    

During this time 106 farmers and farm mangers were murdered. 78 were black and 28 were white. 

An estimated 25,000 farm tractors were destroyed as were 300,000 hectacres of irrigation. Metal from transformers, pipes, pumps, etc. was stolen and sold for scrap. 

3-million head of beef cattle were stolen and slaughtered for meat. Hundreds of thousands of other animals were slaughtered for consumption. Farm structures valued at hundreds of millions of dollars were destroyed. 

The human impact on Zimbabwe was devastating. 

There were about 150,000 reported cases of tuberculosis and 50,000 cases of malaria. 

About one-third of the population fled Zimbabwe while an estimated 3-million died of starvation, malnutrition or exposure.

The economic impact on Zimbabwe was devastating. 

Runaway inflation led to price increases doubling every three hours. Nearly all food was imported while only ten percent of the adult population was employed; most in government jobs. 


From newzimbabwe.com ▼

Blacks doomed without whites; Bob anti-white stance ‘dangerous’, says Zanu PF MP


OUTGOING Zanu PF MP for Mpopoma-Pelandaba, Joseph Tshuma has made astounding claims Zimbabweans were doomed without the involvement of whites in their affairs.

Tshuma, who is also party central committee member, was speaking at a political parties discussion forum in Bulawayo Saturday.

The event was hosted by the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) and the Bulawayo Media Centre.

Relations between the country and the West took a knock at the turn of the century when then President Robert Mugabe seized productive land which was in the hands of white Zimbabweans of European descent for redistribution to black locals.

Mugabe went on to introduce laws which compelled foreign businesses in Zimbabwe to surrender at least 51 percent equity to blacks.

He followed his policies with repeated public rants against whites on alleged attempts to recolonise his country through financial support to his opponents as well as attempts to prescribe solutions to the country’s myriad problems.

Mugabe once stunned the world during an international summit attended by world leaders when he confronted then British Prime Minister Tony Blair and telling him to “keep your England and I will keep my Zimbabwe”.

Meanwhile, his anti-white stance Saturday invited strong rebuke from one of his former allies, Tshuma who described it as “dangerous”.

“We are coming from the era of Robert Mugabe. An era which closed us out from the rest of the world,” Tshuma said.

“We began to leave in a vacuum. That was the most dangerous thing that was ever experienced by this country other than the bombings during the liberation struggle.”

The Zanu PF lawmaker said no other country was capable of developing without the involvement of whites.

“We made a mistake as a party through our (former) president when we said’ Blair keep your England and we keep our Zimbabwe’.

“Yes, we kept our Zimbabwe but what kind of Zimbabwe did we keep? One thing that I have been made to understand and agree strongly whether painful or not, we cannot do away with that person called umkhiwa (white).

“When you do that, it is at your own peril. You need the white man to be there somewhere.”  

Incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa has moved to try and mend the country’s relations with the West through an engagement process that has seen Western business delegations visit the country to explore opportunities.

Mnangagwa has also made steps to reintegrate the country back into the Commonwealth after his predecessor abruptly pulled it out of the bloc nearly two decades ago.

He has reversed a Mugabe ban on Europeans to observe the country’s elections.


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  1. Well he could have a point. But so-called race relations has produced nearly nothing. And continues to be a waste of time, effort and life. Because sadly, we all have only so much time on this earth. Racial conflict groups would find maximum benefit with a quick and polite farewell. With the goodbye being final and ultimate. And for the greater part, with pleasure.


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