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July 15, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- A handful of Yale law students reacted in a manner typical of far-left loons by portraying SCOTUS nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, as a danger. 

"People will die," they warned. 

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A group of Yale Law students were not as pleased with the selection of Kavanaugh and responded with a letter warning of the horrors that confirming Kavanaugh would confer onto the American people.

The final paragraph of the letter is what stands out most, particularly the fourth sentence.

“Now is the time for moral courage — which for Yale Law School comes at so little cost. Perhaps you, as an institution and as individuals, will benefit less from Judge Kavanaugh’s ascendent power if you withhold your support. Perhaps Judge Kavanaugh will be less likely to hire your favorite students. But people will die if he is confirmed. We hope you agree your sacrifice would be worth it. Please use your authority and platform to expose the stakes of this moment and the threat that Judge Kavanaugh poses.”

For Yale Law School students to disagree with many of Kavanaugh’s decisions is not unexpected, but to state that people “will die” if he is confirmed is unconscionable and inappropriate.

Furthermore, it needlessly feeds the already overly hyperbolic tendencies of many Americans.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe also voiced his opposition. And citing no reference, said Kavanaugh’s confirmation will threaten the lives of millions of Americans for decades to come.


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