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afraid to speak out?

July 9, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Another white woman has become the victim of racism after losing her job for doing her job. 

The row began when a black male disregarded swimming pool rules by dangling his sock-clad feet in the water. Police were called after the man refused to comply with the request of the employee. 

The far left exploit blacks as if they were pets — or unpaid slaves — to exploit racial hatred. 

From nbc12.com ▼

A Memphis woman got fired after a post went viral on social media.

The woman, Erica Walker, was an employee at Riverset Apartments on Mud Island. Video shared on Facebook showed her calling the police on a black family trying to enjoy the pool at their apartment on July 4.

Camry Porter posted video of Walker on Facebook. In the post Porter explains that Walker called the police on her family because her boyfriend was wearing socks while he dangled his feet in the pool.

"You know everything happening in the nation now, and like now I'm a part of it. It hits home," Porter said.

Porter admits her boyfriend was wearing socks while in contact with the pool water. There is a sign that says socks are not allowed in the pool. 

However, Porter points out that the sign also says no hats, no shirts, and no alcohol. At the time her boyfriend was singled out, Porter said other people at the pool were breaking those rules.

Walker eventually called police. When officers arrived, Porter and her family decided to leave.

"We weren't forced to leave, a lot of people say I shouldn't have left. I left for the safety of the kids," Porter said.

The post went viral which eventually led to this statement from the Riverset Apartments.



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  1. This type of story has become common with major media. The point is to give American crime victims the notion that black crime simply doesn't exist.


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