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July 28, 2018 -- Conservative media was ablaze yesterday after a massive brawl erupted at Donald Trump's Hollywood star. 

What to make of it?

Had Hillary been elected there would be no such outbursts of hatred from the far left. Point being: Bad guys raging is an indicator that they are losing. 

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A brawl broke out at the location of President Trump’s Hollywood star between people wearing Pro-Trump apparel, who were there to make a video about public treatment of Trump supporters, and protesters of the president Thursday night.

YouTuber Elijah Schaffer and musician Joy Villa teamed decided to produce this video near the president’s Hollywood star, which was vandalized earlier this week. (RELATED: Man Who Demolished Trump’s Hollywood Star In 2016 Says He Will Bail Out New Pickaxe Vandal)

Before long, anti-Trumpers confronted Schaffer, Villa and their cohorts. One of the instigators who got in Schaffer’s face started referring to Villa as the “n-word.” Before long, pushing and shoving ensued. Then punches.

“They attacked my guard Tony Hoffman and started hitting my camera crew and myself,” Schaffer said in an interview later. He added that the group also stole the YouTuber’s camera and one of men who attacked them had a knife.



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