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July 24, 2018 -- The eviction of whites from their homes has already begun in South Africa. 

A video reveals a white man and a woman presumed to be his wife or daughter engaged by soldiers who ordered the couple to vacate.

The man had lived in the home since the 1970s. The eviction occurred last year. 

Apparently the white man was among squatters who moved into an abandoned military base. A community of about 600 developed. Residents obtained permission from the government to reside on the base and paid rent to the military. They also paid their own utilities and even formed a residents' association reported the eviction was illegal. 

The eviction occurred without a court order or eviction notice and may provide precedence for future evictions of real estate declared "property" of the government. 

A Facebook post claimed the man seen in the video later committed suicide. 

From May 26, 2017 ▼

The SANDF is trying to illegally evict around 600 people living on a run-down military base in Marievale, east of Johannesburg, the chairperson of the resident's association there alleged on Friday.

"I doubt that the Minister of Defence would approve of this," said Willie Koekemoer, adding that he had lived at the base since the late 1970s.

"They just told us: 'I demand that you will leave,'" said Koekemoer. "There were no letters from the court giving us notice, and no eviction order."

He alleged that on Thursday night, people coming home from work were blocked at the entrance to the base, and made to stand in the cold with their children, while they were threatened with eviction.

Anybody who tried to film of photograph what was happening had their cellphones confiscated and the material deleted, he claimed.

They had found the action terrifying and intimidating, as army vehicles just swooped in to round them up and make them stand outside their houses, without any prior warning.

A group of people, who could not provide documents supporting their right to live in SA, was bundled off to the Dunnottar police station to be charged with contravening immigration law, he added.

Koekemoer said the base used to be a mining village, providing housing for people who worked at the nearby Grootvlei Mine, but had since been taken over by the Department of Public Works to be used by the SA National Defence Force for an engineering regiment.

'No court order, nothing'

When the engineering regiment moved out, a smaller army regiment settled in, leaving many of the old mining houses vacant.

People like himself, who had lived there for years with their own families, approached the SANDF and secured written permission to carrying on living there and to pay rent, water, and electricity.

Other people also moved in and secured permission to rent.



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