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July 18, 2018

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DAILYKENN.com -- While a blizzard of snowflakes bury college campuses in worries over micro-aggressions and white privilege, real racism persists in the real world. 

A case in point is the brutal kidnapping and murder of a 71-year-old white woman. 

The suspects are black teen males. 

Had the races been reversed — two white teens arrested for kidnapping, robbing, and murdering an elderly black woman — the media would be aflame with allegations of racism and Hollywood, no doubt, would begin a full-length feature film about the woman's life and struggles in contrast to privilege and racism of the suspects. 

Reports say Elvia Fragstein's body was dumped in a wooded area in Arkansas. Yes, in spite of its flaws, there was a reason for Jim Crow laws that had nothing to do with white racism. 

Blacks murdering elderly black Americans is both epidemic and ignored by the mainstream media. However, you may view a partial list of this generations-old problem here ►

From arkansasonline.com ▼

Authorities on Tuesday located the SUV of a 71-year-old woman believed to have been abducted in central Arkansas before being found dead along a rural road last week.

Jefferson County sheriff’s office spokesman Maj. Lafayette Woods Jr. said in a statement that Elvia Fragstein’s silver 2013 Honda CR-V was found charred that morning in the 300 block of North Elm Street in Pine Bluff.

The Wooster resident’s body was found Wednesday by a motorist in a wooded area along Gibb Anderson Road in rural Jefferson County, south of Pine Bluff. Fragstein’s death has been ruled a homicide.

The Faulkner County sheriff’s office says Fragstein’s husband, Helmut Fragstein, reported her missing July 7 after she did not return from a shopping trip in Conway.

Security footage at the Conway Commons shopping center showed Fragstein leaving T.J. Maxx around 3:30 p.m. that day. Her Honda was then seen traveling through the parking lot and along Elsinger Boulevard “at a high rate of speed,” authorities said.

Police have arrested two teenagers — 18-year-old Tacori Mackrel and 16-year-old Robert Lee Smith Jr. — on kidnapping and theft of property counts in Fragstein’s abduction. They are expected to be charged as adults.


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