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July 4, 2018 -- Affirmative action is a language-loading term synonymous with the Marxist false notion of quality. Affirmative Action — a misnomer — seeks to bypass merit, skills, and ability to learn in an effort to create a classless society. To create that society Marxism must erase all perception of human variation and pretend were are identical twins. Only then can Marxism justify the silly notion that all wealth inequities can be traced to social injustice. 

Marxism is an out-of-control cult with core dogma rooted in sacred science. That is, a belief that is held to be true as if it were scientifically tested and confirmed. 

From Daily Wire ▼

President Trump is seeking to end extreme affirmative-action guidelines promoted by Obama-era policies that encourage colleges to consider an applicant’s race in the quest for greater diversity, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The decision is a response to a DOJ investigation of allegations that Harvard University holds Asian Americans to higher admission standards. The Obama administration had the chance to investigate the case, but it dismissed the complaint.

Documents produced from 2011 to 2016 by the Obama administration downplay the difficulty established in law to implement affirmative action, and Obama’s policies go beyond what the Supreme Court has allowed regarding race, education, and the promotion of diversity, the Trump administration asserts.


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