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July 21, 2018 -- 450 illegal aliens are stuck on a boat causing a crisis of sorts among EU nations where mass migration of s***hole-country Muslims is becoming a political liability. 

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Prime Minister Babiš, who at the most recent EU summit on migration, refused to accept co-responsibility for the migrants already in Europe, said that taking in more asylum-seekers was a “road to hell”, a policy that would only motivate smugglers and increase their profits. He said Europe needed to send a clear signal that its doors were closed and defended the Czech Republic’s decision not to admit any more migrants. 

“We pushed hard at the last European Council meeting for quotas to be abandoned and for migrant redistribution to be voluntary. This was agreed on and we will abide by it. Taking in more migrants is going the wrong way.” 

Interim Foreign Minister Jan Hamáček echoed these sentiments, saying that while Prague was willing to help, it would not support a policy that only worsened the migrant problem in Europe. 

“We will offer Italy other forms of aid – we are ready to help materially, financially, and even send our police officers to Italy, but as regards Prime Minister Conte’s request to take in asylum seekers –that will be rejected.” 



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