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July 31, 2018 -- Does Randa Jarrar still have a Twitter account? 

The California State University professor demanded that all white editor resign and surrender their posts to non-whites. Jarrar director her Twitter post to the "literary community."

Sound like bullying and hate speech to me. 

Why Twitter would allow bullying and hate speech on its site is anybody's guess; but I would guess it's because the ideology embraced by the social media's management is decidedly anti-white and anti-Western culture; even as it benefits from us. 

Merit-based positions don't seem to jive with Marxist ideology. One can't help but wonder if Jarrar position at the university is the outcome of Affirmative Action, a clever language-loading placement term for "discrimination."

From Campus Reform ▼

An English professor is demanding that “white editors resign,” saying they should “hand over the positions of power” because merely holding such positions is “f**k up enough.”

California State University, Fresno professor Randa Jarrar, who previously made headlines for giddily celebrating the death of Barbara Bush, made the provocative declaration Tuesday in a tweet responding to controversy surrounding an allegedly racist poem.

“At some point, all of us in the literary community must DEMAND that white editors resign. It’s time to STEP DOWN and hand over the positions of power. We don’t have to wait for them to f**k up. The fact that they hold these positions is f**k up enough.”



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