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July 29, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Hungary's prime minister voiced his opposition to the Islamic insurgency into Europe under the guise of seeking asylum and refuge. 

Loosely translated, Victor Orban said, "It ain't gonna happen here."

Orban affirmed that every nation has the right to reject immigrants and control its own borders. 

Unfortunately, once a European nation has been infested with Islamic insurgents, the infection will remain forever, festering and growing until the host is destroyed by the parasites. 

This, of course, appears to be the intent: To destroy Western civilization.  

From thehungaryjournal.com ▼

In a keynote speech, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that every European country has the right to protect its Christian culture and the traditional family model, as well as the right to reject immigration.

Addressing a forum at the 29th Balvanyos Summer University in Baile Tusnad (Tusnadfurdo), in central Romania, on Saturday, Orban set out five principles that were necessary for central Europe to occupy a “worthy place” in Europe.

The Hungarian PM said every European country had the right to protect its Christian culture and to reject “the ideology of multiculturalism”. Also, the traditional family model and the principle that “every child has the right to a mother and a father” must be upheld, he said. Further, central European countries have the right to protect their nationally strategic sectors and markets. Orban said, moreover, that countries have a fundamental right to defend their borders and to reject immigration.

The principle of “one nation, one vote” on the most important issues should be insisted upon, he said, adding that this principle cannot be bypassed in the EU. “We central Europeans hold that there is life beyond globalisation and that central Europe follows the path of an alliance of free nations,” the prime minister said.

Orban declared that immigration would be the single serious issue in next year’s European parliamentary elections. He insisted that liberal democracy had been turned on its head and had become a “liberal non-democracy”. The Hungarian PM linked the outcome of the EP elections to the fate of its leadership, saying that when European citizens decide on the issue of immigration, they will have also passed judgement on the European elite and whether it has handled immigration properly.

Orban said the European elite was nervous because the outcome of Hungary’s election augured the possibility of a Europe-wide transformation, and the “Soros Plan” could stop in its tracks accordingly. European ambitions to create a post-Christian and post-national bloc may get stuck, he added. Orban said Europe’s elite was exclusively a liberal one that would become bankrupted. “Liberal democracy has turned into a liberal non-democracy.” “There is liberalism but there is no democracy,” he said, adding that this assertion was supported by a general tendency in western Europe to curb freedom of expression and introduce censorship.



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