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July 9, 2018 -- There is so little white racism in American that the media must manufacture it out of thin air. Psychologists call it "inference-observation confusion." Most prefer the phrase "jumping to conclusions."

A volunteer lost his job at a community pool after asking a new patron for identification. 

Because the volunteer was white and the patron black, the media decided to run with the racist angle. There is no evidence that man "targeted" the woman because of race. Race was coincidental; not causal. To honestly draw that conclusion, either (a) the man would have made an anti-black comment during or after his inquiry or (b) someone can read his mind. 

That, in my opinion, constitutes anti-white racism. Had the volunteer not been white, the media would have ignored the story. It also demonstrates anti-white prejudice. Unable to read the man's mind the media prejudged his motive to be racism. 

What's more, the fact that the media must exploit benign circumstances is evidence that real white racism in America is virtually non-existent. 

The problem with such scenarios is that racism is trivialized. Then, when it does occur, it is met with abject skepticism. It's akin to the boy who cried "Wolf!"

From Washington Post ▼

The temperature in Winston-Salem, N.C., crested at 90 degrees on July 4 — the same day Jasmine Abhulimen and her son, both African Americans, sought the cool waters of the pool in their private community.

Adam Bloom was there, too, confident in his charge of helping enforce neighborhood rules as the ‘pool chair’ of the Glenridge Homeowners Association. He asked Abhulimen to show identification to prove she belonged. Then he called the police.

And the four of them — two officers, Abhulimen and Bloom — stood outside the pool gate, unsure how the latest incident of police response to public blackness would unfold.

Police had already arrived when Abhulimen began filming the incident in a video she later posted to Facebook under a profile listed as Jasmine Edwards. At the beginning, she tells officers that Bloom walked past other residents at the pool to single her out.



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