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July 30, 2018 -- Unable to contend with the economic and foreign policy successes of the Trump administration, leftist moonbats are resorting to punting. 

Admitting they are wrong is, of course, untenable. 

Since Donald Trump first won the presidential election the far left has sought to discredit him with incredulous allegations. They suggested he was mentally ill or narcissistic, they complained that his diet was unhealthy, implied he was senescent, tried fear mongering supposing little Muslim children were hiding under their covers at night, and now are complaining that Trump is causing a mental illness called Trump Anxiety Disorder. 

Sane Americans have long contended that leftism (often and erringly called 'liberalism') is a mental disorder. It appears that the far left is implicitly in agreement. 

Fom Fox News ▼

Therapists say there's been a rise in anxiety stemming from the country's politics, and it is being called "Trump Anxiety Disorder."

A report from CBC News in Canada says that since President Trump was elected, mental health professionals in the United States have seen an increase in patients whose stress has come from politics.

A prevalent "symptom" of the "disorder" is feeling as though the world is going to end.


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