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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

July 31, 2018

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DAILYKENN.com -- Not long ago our minds were permeated with images of Hitler loyalists tossing books into a bonfire. Those images, compliments of the far left, are no longer seen. 

There is a reason. The far left not only embraces the censorship tactics of fascism. It exceeds them. 

Again, there is a reason: Nothing is more effective than free speech when it comes to disabling cultural Marxism.

That poses a problem to social media venues such as Twitter where the court of public debate consistently rules in favor of traditional Western values.

What to do? Impose harsh censorship under the false pretense of squarshing "hate speech."

It's akin to a murder trial in which the prosecution is forbidden to relay facts about the case. Such evidence is considered intolerant hate that demeans the accused. 

Consequently, the court only hears the defense and rules accordingly. The accused gets away with murder. 

In short the far left must embrace a strategy in which it silences the opposition. Without such abject censorship leftist loons are exposed as incredulous moonbats. 

Reason is re-branded as "hate speech" and truth-telling is re-labeled "bullying." Everyone hates hate and none will tolerate intolerant bullies. And so social media manages to create a conversation that efficiently filters out truth leaving nothing but far-left sludge.

Twitter, for example, has turned to academia to lend credibility to its truth-purging sludge. 

According to C-NET.com, "Twitter is partnering with researchers from several universities to better understand how to foster 'healthy conversation' based on 'openness and civility,' the company said Monday in a blog post."

Let's translate. 

Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election due, in part, to patriots playing an active role on social media. That, from the far left's perspective, is not a healthy conversation in that moonbats can't openly spew their nonsense. A civil conversation, according to the far left, simply means, "Shut up and listen."

Even the bombastic Alex Jones was notoriously sentenced to 30 days in Facebook jail for offending the sensitivities of far-left fascists.

Not everyone has taken the prone position when it comes to social media censorship. Self-proclaimed race realist Jared Taylor and his American Renaissance recently sued Twitter for censorship after the organization's account was deleted. 

You may read AmRen's press release here:


Truth purging transcends all major social media outlets, including YouTube. 

Last week I was unceremoniously handed a "strike" by YouTube. The offending video — published nearly a year ago — wondered aloud why fake feminists cared so little about female victims of Britain's Islamic rape culture. The video was flag bombed and deleted. Apparently I was bullying Islamic rapists.

Fortunately the video was also published on gab.ai, an alternative to Facebook. You may view it here:


Therein lies the solution to the far left's monopoly on social media and its subsequent war on free speech: Free market competition. 

If Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al are persistent in filtering truth and reason from our conversations, we simply take our talk elsewhere. And gab.ai is a good place to begin. 


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