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July 6, 2018 -- It doesn't fit the cultural Marxist profile of "rape culture" — a profile that includes only white men. So the gang rape in London, committed by three persons of color, is ignored. 

Fake feminists care little about women. Their concern is the advancement of cultural Marxism. 

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SMIRKING RAPISTS Sick sex attackers grin on CCTV after gang raping sobbing teenage girl in car park before dumping her in city centre

Salih Altun, Sali Amet and Omer Engin submitted their 19-year-old victim to a horrific hour-long ordeal

SICK sex attackers were caught grinning on CCTV after they gang-raped a sobbing teenage girl in a car park.

Salih Altun, Sali Amet and Omer Engin submitted their 19-year-old victim to a horrific hour-long ordeal before dumping her on a street in Canterbury, Kent.

Cameras caught Altun, 25, and Amet, 23, leaving The Cuban nightclub with their victim during the early hours of Friday April 13.

They were seen holding the "visibly intoxicated" girl up as she staggered through the streets of Canterbury.

The friends then took her back to her car in Holman's Meadow car park and raped her.

Altun and Amet were later filmed running off to fetch Engin, 24, from The Cuban and he joined the other two in attacking the teenager.

After an hour of raping their victim, the three men left her by a Carluccio's restaurant in Canterbury.

The girl had been on a night out with her friends when she was targeted by the gang and managed to pick herself up and find them back near the club.

Altun, Amet and Engin were caught after cops reviewed CCTV in the area and carried out forensic analysis.

Altun, from Faversham in Kent, admitted two charges of rape and Amet and Engin, one each, at Canterbury Crown Court on May 21. He was sentenced to nine years and nine months.

Amet, also from Faversham, and Engin, from Sturry near Canterbury, each received nine years in prison at the same court today.

Detective Sergeant Matt Banks of Kent Police said: "These three men preyed upon a vulnerable woman and then took advantage of her in the worst possible way.



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