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July 1, 2018 -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing push back from Eastern European nations. Merkel says her nation reached a deal with all 14 European Union countries regarding the return of insurgents to the nations where they first arrived.

Most first arrived in Greece and Italy where anti-Western non-government organizations (NGOs) prefer to dump them. 

With Italy's new sane government, an EU-dividing alliance may be forming between Italy and Poland and the Czech Republic and, possibly, Hungary. 

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According to the EU agreement on migrants, known as the Dublin Accord, the country of “first entry” is responsible for accommodating new arrivals. If the applicant moves to another EU state, that state may request the “country of the first entry” to take the applicant back. In practice, the “first entry” provision effectively means that the first country to actually register a migrant becomes ultimately responsible for them. Such practice has caused tensions between the EU members, with Greece and Italy repeatedly accused of pushing migrants deeper into Europe, without registering them. The Dublin Accord was largely suspended, following Merkel’s landmark decision to open borders and welcome all migrants to Germany, made in 2015.

. . .

Three EU countries have denied reaching any final agreement with Germany on the return of migrants to the country of entry, despite Angela Merkel’s claim she’d received “political consent” from 14 EU nations to strike such a deal.

“No such deal has been reached,” spokesman for Hungary’s government Zoltan Kovacs said, adding that Budapest has repeatedly rejected German attempts to “return” migrants to their first country of entry into the EU. Similar statements have been produced by Poland and the Czech Republic, which also denied reaching any agreements on the matter.

“There are no any new agreements regarding the reception of asylum seekers from EU countries, we confirm (that), like the Czech Republic and Hungary,” Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman Artur Lompart said.

Earlier on Saturday, media reported that, during the EU summit, 14 European countries, including some outspoken opponents of German Chancellor’s ‘open door’ policy, had allegedly “consented on a political level” to make a deal on taking migrants back. The document on the deal has been sent by Merkel to her coalition partners, according to Reuters.

“At the moment, Dublin repatriations from Germany succeed in only 15 percent of cases,” the document says, as quoted by Reuters. “We will sign administrative agreements with various member states... to speed the repatriation process and remove obstacles.”



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