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July 1, 2018 -- Western people have an innate aptitude for creating wealth and harmonized societal climates. Those cultural attributes attract hordes of non-westerners who willingly risk their lives to live in our midst. 

The attraction is so great they are willing to pay huge sums to for assistance in crossing into our promised lands. 

Tragically — once they arrive — they alter our cultural climate to resemble the third-world sh*thole countries from whence they came and, all the while, condemn us of racism for challenging their legitimacy. Then, adding injury to injury, they vote for far-left and extremist Democratic Party candidates. 

So. If you need a extra cash and don't mind risking a prison term and a future nation dominated by sh*thole-country, far-left extremists Democrats, offer your services as a "mule" transporting human cargo (children) across the Rio Grande. 

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Business is booming! Child migrant smugglers tell how they make $4,000 profit per person on treacherous clandestine journey from Central America to the US

Vast majority of migrants who enter the U.S. illegally do so with the help of a network of smugglers known as 'coyotes'

Business generates $6.6 billion a year for smugglers along Latin America's routes to the U.S.

Migrants pay anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 each for the illegal journey across thousands of miles in the care of smuggling networks

Some of the money is used to pay off government officials, gangs operating on trains and drug cartels controlling the routes north

The profit made by the coyotes can be as much as $4,000 per person

The smugglers are profiting from the rising violence in gang-ridden cities of Central America, and the yearning of families to be reunited

'It's like a little chain, everyone is earning,' said one Mexican official



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