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July 26, 2018 -- The phenomenon of groups of feral black males overwhelming white victims transcends both time and geography. The phenomenon occurs wherever large groups of black people reside. 

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NEW HAVEN — Police are looking for five people following the alleged beating and carjacking at gunpoint of a local pizza delivery man who also had the pizza he was delivering stolen early Wednesday, police said.

The pizza deliverer drove to a residence on Ford Street just after midnight after being dispatched with a delivery, police spokesman Officer David Hartman said in a release. Ford Streets runs between Sherman Parkway and Dixwell Avenue.

The bruised 38-year-old deliveryman told Officer Jakub Baliga that when he arrived to make the delivery, he saw two women who he thought the pizza was for, but also noticed three young men running toward him.


The two women both were described as black females, 13-16 years of age. One had a short afro-style haircut, thin build and was wearing a white sleeveless shirt and dark pants. the other was described as short, with a thin build, dark hair and wearing a grey shirt and shorts.

The men all were described as black males, 13-16 years of age. One was short, with short dark hair and a thin build, wearing a white sleeveless shirt, and black shorts. The second man was described as tall, with a thick build, wearing a white shirt and dark colored shorts, carrying a black handgun. The third man was described as short, with a thin build, wearing a yellow shirt and dark pants.


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  1. Like what are YOU gonna do when the pizza man shows up, white man, NOT rob him and beat him nearly to death??
    Its dey nigga cultcha n sheeeit

  2. I hate them all and most whites are nearly ready to get the rope and chains out.
    American whites are suffering from negro fatigue and have been for decades.
    The black race is a predatory subspecies and cannot assimilate to western society.
    The law against killing cops and raping wite wimminz beez raaaaccccissssss and frankly most people are getting fed the fuck up with their never-ending predation and excuses of why they are violent animals who cannot seem to get their shit together regardless of how much they are handed from the taxes stolen from white america by our zio-jew overlords.