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July 13, 2018 -- Hardly a day passes without non-whites being killed by Islamic hate groups. 

The media is silent. 

Meanwhile, so-called "hate groups" — such as the Klan and neo-Nazis — harm no one. 

In three days we tally 193 people of color (including children) who were killed by Islamic hate groups. 

Check my math.

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07.12SyriaHasakah30Terrorists gun down three civilians in cold blood.
07.12SyriaIdlib14Islamists target a rival Sharia court judge with a bomb.
07.12AfghanistanShesh Tapa42Four security personnel are murdered by the Islamic Emirate.
07.12AfghanistanDasht-e Arch1513Fifteen others are killed when a group of religious radicals attack a local military base.
07.11IraqKanaan22Two civilians are cut down by a Mujahideen bomb blast.
07.11NigeriaTaraba420Forty-two people, mostly women and children, are massacred by Miyetti Allah.
07.11AfghanistanNaw Abad30Three local cops are taken out by the Taliban.
07.11IraqDibis42Four guards at an oil field are riddled with bullets by ISIS loyalists.
07.11AfghanistanJalalabad1210A dozen people are killed when an Islamic group storms an education compound in a suicide attack.
07.11AfghanistanKhak-I-Safid54Five civilians are eliminated by a roadside bomb blast.
07.10AzerbaijanGanja20Two police officers are stabbed to death by "a radical religious group."
07.10NigeriaAdamawa500About fifty villagers are massacred by Miyetti Allah.
07.10PakistanPeshawar2062A secular politician and nineteen supporters are murdered by a suicide bomber at a rally.
07.10AfghanistanKhogiani40A brutal attack by the Taliban claims the lives of four police.
07.10ThailandNarathiwat10An off-duty soldier is gunned down on his way home by Muslim terrorists.
07.10SyriaZaizun140A suicide car bomber takes fourteen other souls with him.
07.10AfghanistanJalalabad125Children working at a car wash are vaporized by a Shahid suicide bomber.

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