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June 26, 2018 -- Black-on-white violence has remained a trans-generational epidemic in the USA. Data from the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division repeatedly notes that blacks commit over fifty percent of homicides in the United States even though they comprise about 13 percent of the nation's population. 

That leaves the far left stumbling in the dark as they attempt to mischaracterize whites as violent racists. 

An upcoming study, however, claims that under certain conditions, "Whites are more likely to assault and use weapons against Blacks and Hispanics than Blacks and Hispanics are to assault or use weapons against Whites."

Once the study is released in December, 2018, we can expect the far left to use it as evidence that white-on-black violence is epidemic. 

From ScienceDirect ▼

AbstractUsing a novel data set comprising the universe of reported crimes to the Los Angeles Police Department from 2000 to 2007, we examine race victimization patterns among face-to-face crimes at the neighborhood level. While some of our findings support previous work, others challenge previous research and general expectations about race and crime. Contrary to victimization patterns observed in the aggregate data, our panel data models identify consistent patterns of reported violence committed by White individuals against Blacks and Hispanics across neighborhoods. Specifically, in the presence of controls for neighborhood and time effects, Whites are more likely to assault and use weapons against Blacks and Hispanics than Blacks and Hispanics are to assault or use weapons against Whites. On the other hand, Blacks and Hispanics are typically more likely to commit robbery (crimes which we characterize as being often related to economic motives) against Whites than the reverse. We estimate these effects across the racial composition and earnings distribution of neighborhoods in Los Angeles County and find significant heterogeneity in the propensity for certain types of crimes to occur as a function of the race/ethnic match of suspect and victim.


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  1. yeah when they're trying to rob,rape,murder. strictly defense. its the black and hispanics who are initiating the attack "duh".

  2. Far left "studies" have as much chance of being fact as Chuck E. Cheese joining the Girl Scouts. Besides suppressing the unmatched BLACK assault and belligerency rate the phony statistic for Hispanics reveals everything. Due to the fact that Hispanics are so rarely rated period. They oddly have been grouped in as "white" for generations.