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June 6, 2018 -- Two white kids were beaten by a mob of black teens at a South Carolina high school. 

The news report says, "A third video shows a male student walk from the rear of a vehicle and hit another male student in the head from behind."

During my four-year tenure at a black-majority high school I personally witnessed such ratchet behavior more than a zillion times: black savages punching white kids in the back of the head for sport. And that was 50 years ago. 

Reports say the victims were expelled. 

Deputy Ken Bell hedged when asked if the attack constituted a racial hate crime. The attack was captured on video. 

This is why racial segregation existed in government schools. It was NOT because white people are racist and have some weird aversion to dark-skinned people. Rather it is because black racism is endemic to black communities. Racial segregation was not white racism. It was a logical response to black-on-white racism. 

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Eight Lakewood High School students have been charged with disturbing schools for allegedly taking part in a "large group fight" in the student parking lot last week.

The fight, which started about 4:15 p.m. at the school on Old Manning Road, was recorded by witnesses' cellphones, and multiple statements were given to law enforcement, states a Sumter County Sheriff's Office incident report. The sheriff's office has copies of the group fight and the events that took place prior.

Those charged are: Tylin Benenhaley, 17, of Bruce Circle; Johnvanttee A. Bender, 17, of Southernhill Drive; Tyrek D. Brown, 18, of Hickory Road; Terrence L. Epps, 19, of Cane Savannah Road in Wedgefield; Jalin O. Harvin-Thomas, 17, of Sedon Drive; Caleb Garret McCloud, 18, of Bamburgh Way; Kristopher R. Twigg, 17, of Arthur Gayle Road in Wedgefield; and Alex D. Zaragoza, 17, of Sylvan Way.

According to the report, two of the students got into a one-on-one fight and fought until other students separated them. Another video shows the students arguing about one of the students "sneaking" someone — punching a person when he doesn't expect it, states the report.

A third video shows a male student walk from the rear of a vehicle and hit another male student in the head from behind.



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  1. just yesterday i typed they run in packs and sneak attack, "lol" the liberals and jew would call racist haha. its common sense and experience. and now that it is warm they will be out causing mayhem. and the jew and the left would say that is inflammatory and racist and say bigot and hater haha. i think the jew, the left, and these creatures are the bigots and haters. this is why jim crow laws were created. but whites give into this jew psychobabble worldwide i don't<, why can't they see.?


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