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June 19, 2018 -- Stop sending us your tired, your poor, your hungry masses yearning to screw us over. 

OK. Those weren't the exact words of President Donald Trump, but the Central American governments are using their people as pawn to take advantage of America's generosity has reached the breaking point.

Stop. Or no more financial aid from us. 

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Trump says you HAVE to take the children away as he digs on immigration, claiming lawyers help illegals cheat and that he'll strip Central American countries of foreign aid that 'send these people up'

President Trump said he would be asking Congress to take up legislation dealing with family separation

Will talk to GOP lawmakers tonight in a closed-door session on Capitol Hill

Also said that he would be seeking authorization to cut off aid to Central American countries 'sending' migrants to the United States

He insinuated that judges hired to adjudicate cases for asylum-seeking migrants are being paid off

Said lawyers are coaching migrants who to beat the system and enter the United States on asylum claims, as well 



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  1. The Wall would be nice, but Patton warned that 'fixed fortifications are monuments to human stupidity'. Closer in, things like E-verify, removal of benefits to all illegal aliens, and vigorous prosecution of corporate executives or private employers that hire illegal aliens, would have an immediate, visible impact.