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June 25, 2018 -- No. Not all Oregonians are leftist moonbatic loons. One worker at Oregon's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) purportedly suggested shooting illegal aliens as they attempt to cross the border. 

That, by the way, was the strategy used by Poles in 1939 when Russians illegally cross Poland's eastern border. Using deadly force to deter invaders has been an effective strategy for thousands of years (though not always successful, viz, Poland). Shooting invaders is also effective to protect yourself, family, and possessions when a burglar crawls through your bathroom window. 

There are exceptions: When invaders will support the Democrats after entering the country, we should welcome them with open arms.  

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An Oregon woman who works at the DMV has come under fire for comments she purportedly made on Facebook. Lori McAllen's Facebook page is currently untraceable, but a screenshot of the comment has been widely shared online. It says she thinks immigrants crossing into the U.S. should get shot at the border. 

In her bio on Facebook, McAllen wrote, "I don't have room in my heart for drama, disrespect or hate." But she seemed to have a very different attitude when discussing immigration policy in the comments section of a Facebook post. 

"I personally think they should shoot them all at the border and call it good... it'll save us hard working AMERICAN'S billions of dollars on our taxes!!" she wrote. She ended the remark with a winking emoticon. 

The screenshots have gone viral, and the agency where she works has gotten a barrage of complaints about it. Thousands of people shared the photo of McAllen's remark, and many called on the Oregon Department of Transportation to fire her. 


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  2. usually women who work at the DMV are disproportionately named Shaquanda and Sheneeqwanza

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