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June 13, 2018 -- Like most government institutions, government schools invite corruption by their very nature. (Google "teacher arrested" then click on 'images'.)

While urban schools are rife with mayhem and chaos, school officials draw paychecks while sexually abusing vulnerable students — and each other. 

Case in point is a Queens, NY school official who created a "sexual assembly line" and rewards those who cooperated with perks according to a $10-million lawsuit. 

That raises questions:

First, how do such officials get jobs?
Second, how do they get promoted? 
Third, how did they get into college?
Fourth, why aren't fake feminists protesting? 

The answer to the first three questions may be: Affirmative Action. 

The answer to the fourth question: Fake feminists care nothing for real women's rights. They use feminism as a cover to advance the cultural Marxism agenda. 

From ▼

A Queens assistant principal created a sexual assembly line of teachers at his Queens high school – and rewarded conquests with professional perks, according to a shocking new $10 million lawsuit.

John Binet bedded at least four staffers at Hillcrest HS since being appointed to lead the Jamaica school’s English department in 2014, according to a Manhattan court case filed Monday.

Binet belittled female teachers who questioned his behavior as “resistant” and once counseled a male colleague that the best time to pursue colleagues was around graduation, according to the suit.

Teachers lacking membership in Binet’s harem saw their careers stall while participants were treated to professional benefits, according to the suit filed by one current and one former teacher at the school.

“There are at least four female faculty members, whose names are known to the plaintiffs, who have all received benefits from their sexual exchanges with Binet,” according to court papers.

The case also asserts that principal David Morrison – who was investigated for improperly passing students in 2016 – knew about Binet’s behavior but did nothing to stop it because they were friends.

Both men are named as defendants.

“These individuals have been caught with their pants down,” attorney Gloria Keum told The Post Monday. “Time’s up for them.”



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