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June 19, 2018 -- Leftists have been doing a lot of hating lately. Among them is a Rutgers history professor whose Facebook post declared, "OK, officially, I now hate white people."

James Livingston, who is white, wants to keep white people out of his Harlem neighborhood. 

If that seem to defy logic, keep this Kenn's Law in mind: If leftists were logical they would not be leftists. 

Livingston was apparently triggered by a Harlem restaurant be "overrun with little Caucasian a--holes."

The professor said he resigned from the white race. I 'm not sure one can actually do that but, for the sake of argument, how does the professor not know that the little Caucasian a--holes didn't also resign from the white race? 

From Fox News ▼

A white professor at Rutgers University is being investigated by the school for a Facebook post captured by The Daily Caller that railed against white children eating in a Harlem restaurant while he was there.

“OK, officially, I now hate white people,” history professor James Livingston wrote in the post removed by Facebook for violating community standards. “I am a white people, for God’s sake, but can we keep them—us—us out of my neighborhood?”

Livingston complained about going to Harlem Shake, a restaurant known for its burgers and shakes, saying it was “overrun with little Caucasian a—holes who know their parents will approve of anything they do.”

He concluded: “I hereby resign from my race. F--- these people. Yeah, I know, it’s about access to my dinner. F--- you, too.”

The public university professor acknowledged to Fox News that he wrote the post and stands by it, but declined to comment further.

In a follow-up post on Facebook, Livingston questioned why Facebook removed his original post and doubled down on his stance.



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