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June 21, 2018 -- An elderly white man was fatally shot by a black intruder, reports reveal. 80-year-old James Robenlieb was apparently surprised by Rick Davison, 20-year-old black male who had previously worked on a tree-trimming crew at the octogenarian's home.

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The family of a man accused of killing an 80-year-old Tulsa man in mid-June turned him in to police after he confessed to his brother, father and cousin, police said.

In the days following the fatal shooting of James Rosenlieb in his south Tulsa home, Rick Davison, who had worked on a tree-trimming crew at Rosenlieb's property, confessed to his family his involvement in the killing, police said.

Davison, 20, told his brother after the June 11 shooting, according to a probable cause affidavit. His brother subsequently contacted the police.

The brother told detectives that "Davison had also confessed to the murder to his father," according to the affidavit. The brother brought detectives a pair of shoes that have a sole pattern consistent with shoe prints at  Rosenlieb's home in the 7000 block of East 52nd Street.

Police allege that Rosenlieb confronted Davison during a burglary at Rosenlieb's house, having gained access to a bedroom, where the confrontation took place. The bedroom’s window was broken, but whether the glass was broken during the intruder’s entrance or exit was unclear, Tulsa Police Sgt. Dave Walker said previously.

Officers suspect that after the victim was shot, he made his way to the living room, where he collapsed. Rosenlieb's wife was home at the time. She was not injured.

The Rosenliebs had used a tree-trimming service at their residence in May, and Davison was part of the crew, according to the affidavit.



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