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June 8, 2018 -- 46 of 47 arrests were black. That prompted police to end low-level marijuana sting operations in Minneapolis. 

Apparently there is some more equivalence to allowing crime to go unabated when the suspects are black. 

It's interesting that the far left contends race is a social construct; that there is only one race -- the human race. 

The far left then reverses it race perspective when it suits its agenda. 

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A nationwide debate over the growing acceptance of marijuana has changed Minneapolis police policy.

Police leaders are now directing officers to discontinue stings that target low-level marijuana possession and sales.

It comes in the wake of a recent downtown crackdown targeting open drug dealing.

From January to May, undercover officers made over 100 arrests, including 47 for felony sale of marijuana.

“If you sell one gram of marijuana, it’s a felony drug sale,” said Hennepin County chief public defender Mary Moriarty.

She says 46 of the 47 people charged in the crackdown were black. Many of them were also poor and homeless, dealing a gram or two just to get by.

“Do they deserve to get felony drug charges simply because they are less fortunate than say kids on college campuses,” Moriarty said.

Facing criticism over the arrest numbers, Minneapolis’ Police Chief Medaria Arradondo made a stunning policy change.

He told officers to steer petty drug offenders to treatment, counseling and diversion…not jail.

“Mayor [Jacob] Frey has directed us…we will discontinue specific low-level marijuana enforcement,” Arradondo said. “And I agree with the mayor’s decision.”

The public defender’s office demands that charges against the 47 people be dropped. Police say they’ll work with prosecutors to consider other charging alternatives.



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  1. They should consider extending this same stand down policy to home invasion investigations.

    1. yes they should let them go for anything because white people are bad. blacks are innocent victims like those poor oppressed jews kicked out of 109 countries for no reason at all!

  2. Do I get a pass on my income tax because I failed math in high school?


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