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June 26, 2018

Reality: Laura Ingalls Wilder (left) wrote of the reality of living
on the prairie with a pioneer family.
Olive Oatman, right, also lived with a pioneer family.
Oatman's family was massacred by savage Indians who kidnapped
her and her sister. Oatman was tattooed by the Indians who
allowed her seven-year-old sister to starve to death. 
Wilder has been condemned by cultural Marxist as a racist
for telling the truth about Indian savagery. -- 

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal, which was first awarded in 2001 to honor person contributed to children's literal, has been renamed Children’s Literature Legacy Award.

The reason for the change?

The Association of Library Service to Children's (ALSC) decided Wilder was a racist. 

Using racism as an excuse to demean Western culture is, in itself, racist. 

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote a series of children's books that focused on life own childhood in pioneer family. 

That's anathema to cultural Marxism. Why? Because the reality of pioneer life enhances our perception of Western culture. 

Specifically, Wilder vicariously recalls the fear of Indians; a fear that was justified as white settlers were commonly massacred by savages. 

That reality — that whites were noble victims of Indian savagery — contracts the fake history of cultural Marxism — that whites are always oppressive aggressors. 

Consequently The Association of Library Service to Children's (ALSC) has stripped Wilder's name from its prestigious award. 


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  1. Hey Kenn....did you see this unbelievable report
    Whites are more likely to assault blacks!
    Show us the videos! Police reports? Anything? BS!