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June 22, 2018 -- Need a pool for your kids. No problem. Just snatch your neighbor's pool. 

(Is this why we had segregated neighborhoods?)

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A five-year-old boy in Nebraska is missing his inflatable swimming pool. The family's security camera recorded two thieves stealing it right out of their backyard. 

The family's security camera recorded two thieves stealing it right out of their backyard on Father's Day, in the middle of the afternoon.

"I actually had it notified on my phone and actually saw the whole thing live on my phone," said homeowner Brandon Turner. 

Cameras record the entire kiddie pool caper. 

"Really? Really? That's all I could think of...was just... really?"

Turner was at the zoo with his children, watching as not one, but a pair of predators pilfer his pool. The first pool prowler can't lift it on her own, so she calls in reinforcements. 

"I just think it's crazy people would do something like that in just, broad daylight," he said. 

Together, the thieves drain the water from the pool, making it easier to carry away.

Five-year-old Alex Turner can't understand why someone would steal his summer fun.

"Stop! Give my swimming pool back. I want my swimming pool back," he said.  

Now, he and his younger sister Abby find other ways to keep entertained in the backyard, and their dad doesn't even have a good explanation to give them. 

"It's one thing to steal from another person because you believe you need that," Turner said. "It's another thing to steal from children. That's their happiness right there."


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