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June 4, 2018 -- Is nothing sacred? Apparently to antifa (anti-fascists). 

The group turned its visceral hatred on a free-speech prayer rally in Portland, Oregon. To our knowledge the Southern Poverty Law Center has yet to add any antifa group to its hate map. 

Like most everything to the left of center, antifa is a misnomer. The movement is not anti-fascist. It is fascist. It is not anti-hate. It is hate. It is not anti-violence. It is violence. 

Other terms misappropriated by the left include:

(The left does not advocate liberty but authoritarianism.)

(The left is regressive as noted by virtually every culture that has adopted its ideology including Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and California.)

(White attacking white Western chivalry as chauvinism and labeling it the "rape culture," fake feminists embrace the true rape culture; Islam.)

From Fox News ▼

Violence broke out in downtown Portland, Oregon, on Sunday as Antifa activists stormed a Patriot Prayer rally — about a year after similar dueling rallies triggered bloody fights and arrests.

Some protesters on Sunday hurled bottles and fireworks at police officers while others were caught with knives and other weapons, Portland Police tweeted. Officials encouraged people to get out of the immediate area "for their safety."

Many of the Antifa activists wore black and covered their faces. Some protesters said they were demonstrating against police brutality; one sign bluntly read "F--- the police."

Patriot Prayer, which bills itself as a peaceful First Amendment advocacy group, organized a rally — "Tiny's Freedom March," a going-away event for Tusitala John Toese, who's close with group leader Joey Gibson — for 5 p.m.

The Rose City Antifa scheduled a counter-protest for 4 p.m. "to show Patriot Prayer, just as we showed them last year, that their violence and hatred has no place in Portland."



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