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June 5, 2018 -- For the record, McCarthyism was a good thing. Not only did it put a speed bump on Marxist influence in Hollywood, but was supported by actress Barbara Stanwyck — once America's highest paid woman — and Jimmy Stewart, the nation's most beloved star of his era. 

Exposing leftist moonbats is what Sen. Joe McCarthy did best. I would be honored to be accused of McCarthyism. 

What's this? The aging Dan Rather goes further to expose his senility: Don Trump's dis-invite to the Eagles underscores the suffering in Puerto Rico. You do see the connection; right?

Actually I believe that's called a logical fallacy or, more specific, a false equivalence

Trump's patriotism also underscores the fretting allies and warming planet, Rather says. 

By dis-inviting the Eagles to the White House, Trump is dividing our United States. 


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