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May 25, 2018 -- The NRA sticker on the outside says guns on the inside. I guess. 

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Thieves in the Huntersville area are targeting supporters of the NRA and other gun enthusiasts lately.

Police say they are scouting for gun-related stickers on cars in parking lots, then busting into those cars and taking the guns for themselves.

“Any type of gun sticker,” Lt. Jason Cousar says. “NRA stickers, hunting stickers.”

Cousar say local lots have been littered with pro-gun decals on cars. For gun looters, it is a hot target.

“It’s happening pretty frequently,” he says.

Thieves will scout restaurants, movie theaters, neighborhoods – anywhere for these decals, before busting in.

“They’re pretty foxy,” Larry Hyatt says. “They’ll figure it out.”

Hyatt owns a local gun shop. These thefts are why he tells every one of his customers not to put gun-related decals on their rides.

“You might be letting people know you’re a gun owner but it might be the wrong people,” he says.

Hyatt has known these thefts to happen at local sporting events and advises caution as race fans from all over take over Charlotte in just a few days.

“They’re used to their rural lifestyle,” he says of visitors. “They got their NRA sticker on, they got their gun locked up in the truck, come out…their truck’s broken into, their gun’s gone.”

Lieutenant Cousar says officers will keep a close eye over the weekend.

“I don’t want to see the wrong people get their hands on guns and potentially harm an innocent person,” he says.

He says the biggest issue they have is people not having gun vaults for their car or just keeping their entire car unlocked.


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