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May 12, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- A mob of feral African savages rampaged through Chicago's waterfront district leaving at least one man in intensive care after a beat down and leaving others red-pilled to the reality of black violence. 

The media, of course, continues to lie by omission; failing to note the feral savages are black. 

From nbcchicago.com  ▼

There are calls for quicker police response after mobs of teens seriously injured a man last weekend and then, and alderman says, came here to the Mag Mile jumping on cars and intimidating shoppers.

Neighbors say they don’t feel safe and one restaurant manager nearby told me off-camera she locked the doors when she saw dozens of teens fighting.

"I’ve lived here all my life," said Andre Baker. "I’ve never seen this kind of madness."

Neighbors worry about recent violent mobs of youths who come to River North on the Red Line.

"When I hear about violence in this area and this intersection it makes me more nervous," said Paul Brinckerhoff.

Police responded to about 50 teens fighting last Saturday here at the corner of State and Chicago.

"The punks are coming everywhere," Brinckerhoff said. "They seem to, no area’s really safe."

Earlier that same evening nearby on Lake Shore Drive a couple dozen teens beat up a man walking with his girlfriend.

Ald. Brian Hopkins called police days later when the victim’s parents say the  cops never filed a report of the attack.

"They were leaving beach to go downtown when the unprovoked attack happened," he said. "I don’t have explanation for what went wrong. Police are looking into that."

While some want more police, others say there’s not much officers can’t do much to stop juveniles.

"What are you going to do, call their parents? Lock them up?" Baker asked. "They’re out there again within an hour or two."

Hopkins says police have leads on the teens who beat up the man on Lake Shore Drive.

That man is now out of intensive care.


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  1. while a stupid dentist apologize for nothing these ape people kill,rob,rape ruin everything and laugh. they have no shame stop apologizing to these primitive genetic criminal hominids.

  2. I saw the mobs after the 7:30 pm mass at Holy Name Cathederal.It was about 8:20 pm when I started walking home.I live about a block away from the Water Tower.I saw a fire engine block Michigan Ave.I heard sirens & knew there was trouble.It looked like hundreds of south side peeps swarming the Old Water Tower Place.A young Hispanic man in street cloths informed me he was a police officer.He said recently they have been fighting & throwing heavy metal street garbage cans at each other & buildings.

    1. Whatever happened to law and order? It's a funny thing to me that the cops are out full force when there's a group of white men protesting for free speech. But when black mobs form and violently attack people, the police are helpless.


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