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May 15, 2018 -- The twisting thinking of the cultural Marxism cult follows this logic: Police departments originated as slave catchers. Therefore, when you call the cops on black criminals, you are effectively calling slave catchers. 

In reality black crime goes up when police stand down. Victims of black crime are typically also black. Therefore, failure to call police results in an increase in black victims of violent crime. 

Failure to report black crime to law enforcement is effectively complicity. White racists would agree with cultural Marxism; they would prefer to sit idly by while blacks murder each other. 

Example: reports 19 people were fatally shot during the first 15 days of May in Chicago alone. The police never should have been called. 

Example: A one-year-old girl was fatally shot by a stray bullet last month in the notorious black and violent northeast side of Indianapolis. Presuming the shooters had been black, police should not have been called? 

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On Saturday, California State University Los Angeles Professor Melina Abdullah tweeted out a clarion call to Americans: stop calling the police on black people.

Now perhaps she meant that you shouldn’t call the police on somebody just because they’re black — which, of course, is correct. You shouldn’t call the police on somebody based on an immutable characteristic, rather than based on criminal behavior. That's racism.

The argument thus seems to go: don’t ever call the police, but specifically don’t call the police under any circumstances if the person about whom you are calling is black. Which, of course, is a license to criminality, as well as racist.

This isn’t a shock coming from Abdullah, a radical anti-police activist who said of police, “The police that we now have were the slave catchers. So that is where it comes from. You literally have a target on your back. That is what policing was founded on and that is what it evolved out of. So the former slave catchers or paddy rollers, they were called slave patrols.” She advocates for abolishing the police in favor of community groups. (On an unrelated note, Abdullah has said that I am a “neo-Nazi” and a “neo-KKK” member. So there’s that.)


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