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May 8, 2018 -- A piñata maker routinely hangs his creations to dry from his front porch.

No one seemed to notice when his creations resembled white people; including Donald Trump. 

However, when he hung piñatas honoring a black groom and his Hispanic bride to dry on his porch, neighbors hyper-sensitized to fake American history went bonkers. 

The scenario demonstrates how America's mindset has been warped to view blacks as perennial victims who require our constant care. The fact is that about two-thirds of lynching victims in America were black; the other third was white. 

Virtually all lynching victims were guilty of heinous crimes and deserved their punishments, though bypassing the rule of law and judicial system lacks civility; an essential element of a stable and successful culture. 

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Piñata maker apologizes after hanging African-American figures by cords from his porch to dry, with critics claiming they resembled lynchings

Victor Chavarria, of Minneapolis, came under fire after someone took a photo 

Many in the neighborhood and social media said it reminded them of lynchings

Chavarria said he was working on an order to recreate pinatas for wedding party

The wedding party included a black groom and Latina bride among the piñatas

Chavarria said he had hung the piñatas on the porch so they could dry in the sun


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