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May 6, 2018 -- Hate white people? Want to kill a white woman and get away with it?

Simple. Just fatally punch her in the head and, after she dies, claim she used the 'n' word. 

Hate black people? Want to kill a black woman and get away with it? 

Simple. Just fatally punch her in the head and, after she dies, claim she used the 'r' word. 

The first scenario was captured on video. The second scenario never occurred. 

Actually, the convicted killer didn't get away with it. He's expected to be comfortably accommodated at taxpayers expense for ten years. 

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Video Shows One Punch That Ended Virginia Woman's Life After Her Attacker Claims She Called Him N-Word

A confrontation between a man and woman at a Virginia convenience store ended with a single punch that killed her

On a hot, seemingly ordinary night last summer, a man and a woman each walked into a convenience store in Northern Virginia. Minutes later, the man would punch the woman once, killing her after he claims she used a racial slur against him during their brief encounter inside the store.

Fidelia Montiel-Benitez, a 39-year-old mother, died after Robert Coleman punched her. Coleman, a 26-year-old father, told police he struck Montiel-Benitez after they clashed and she called him the N-word. He also claimed he thought she was a man and that they would face off outside. Prosecutors said Coleman was a bully who was looking for a fight.

The altercation was caught on surveillance video obtained by News4, seen here for the first time outside court.

In early April, a jury convicted Coleman of second-degree murder and recommended he serve 10 years in prison.

As the case draws national attention ahead of Coleman's sentencing this month, Montiel-Benitez's loved ones are still reeling from the loss, and Coleman's lawyer is preparing to appeal the verdict.

Surveillance footage shows the strangers' interaction inside the store and a glimpse of the devastating punch. Audio from the trial reveals the victim had a 15-year-old daughter who was forced into foster care after her mother's death.



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