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May 3, 2018 -- The mainstream media is making a hero of a student some consider to be an intolerant, racist bigot. 

Maya Little vandalized a monument on the front lawn at the University of North Carolina. Reports say the student mixed her blood with red paint or ink, then splattered the monument with the mixture. 

First, far-left extremists choose soft targets such as memorials to Confederates (many of whom were black and Indian). Then they escalate their efforts to topple other Western iconography including monuments honoring Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson. 

The bigotry and intolerance of far-left extremists is, ironically, justified as opposition to bigotry and intolerance. 

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For two years Maya Little has talked, chanted, carried signs, handed out fliers and asked for signatures on petitions to try to get UNC to remove its monument to the Confederacy from the university’s front yard.

This week, she seemed to finally run out of words and turned to gesture. Nearly as mute as the bronze likeness of Silent Sam himself, Little opened bottles of red ink and, mixing in a bit of her own blood, stained the gray Mount Airy granite base of the controversial statue crimson red.

“That statue is not a historical object,” said Little, who was arrested Monday and charged with defacing the monument. “It’s missing its history. What I did was give it some context.”



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