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May 8, 2018 -- Using hate speech as a pretext for thought control has been the norm in many Western Europeans nations. 

As case in point is the arrest, conviction, and fine of French poet Eric Zemmour who effectively referred to the Islamic invasion of France as an Islamic invasion of France. 

The laws were enacted prior to the Islamic invasion of Europe. It's as if the invasion was planned in advance and the planners anticipated blow-back. 

It's akin to referring to the Soviet Union's invasion of Poland in 1939 as an immigration caravan and arresting Poles who dared resist or even object. 

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The French polemist Eric Zemmour was sentenced to 5000 € fine for provocation to religious hatred by the Court of Appeal of Paris for having declared in September 2016 on television that it was necessary to give to Muslims "the choice between the France and Islam," said the French media.

The Court considered that his remarks "concerned Muslims in their entirety and constituted an implicit exhortation to discrimination". 

On September 6, 2016, in the program "C to You" on the public service channel France 5, Eric Zemmour had aroused outrage for making openly Islamophobic remarks. 

The polemicist denounced an alleged "invasion", materialized by "the innumerable French suburbs where many girls are veiled". 

He had, in his logic, considered that it was necessary to give to the Muslims of the country, "the choice between France and Islam" before continuing by affirming that "all the Moslems, that they say it or that they do not do not say it "consider terrorists" like good Muslims ". 

As a reminder, Eric Zemmour is familiar with similar facts. For example, he was already convicted in 2011 for declaring "most traffickers are black or Arab". In 2014 the Court of Cassation annulled a court decision condemning him for having said that "Muslims have their own civil code is the Koran".


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