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May 1, 2018 -- For a brief 20 minutes Facebook users had access to the site's new hate-speech button. You can censor sanity-spewing patriots with one click of the mouse, it seems. 

From CBS News ▼

Facebook accidentally set a "hate speech" button live on its platform for a short period of time, a company spokesperson confirmed in a statement Tuesday. The button asked users: "Does this contain hate speech?"

The spokesperson said the company was conducting an "internal test" in an attempt to understand "different types of speech, including speech we thought would not be hate." They said a bug caused the button to launch publicly but it has since been disabled.

Facebook Vice President Guy Rosen explained on Twitter that the button was shown on posts regardless of their content but was "reverted" within 20 minutes.

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  1. never have used facebook have ublock origin to block it. i sensed in 2012 that it wasn't up to par when everybody raved about it.

  2. hate speech = any criticism against the terrorist apartheid state of israel or their evil race of zionists who control our white European Christian nations.
    And make no mistake, the jew controls ALL of our countries!
    Pathological altruism and mind programming in the Christian religion has made our people hate ourselves and place the evil jews demands and power ahead of what is right for our people and our lands.
    Hate speech is also defined by most SM outlets as anything that hurts black or brown peoples feelings.
    Of course when blacks call our people "devils" and "school shooters" thats totally fine...blacks can even threaten violence against whites online and that is also totally fine.
    In fact, i'd be surprised that if in 10 years blacks were even punished for raping or murdering whites.