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May 23, 2018 -- Most voters credit Donald Trump with the nation's good economy. 

That's according to a poll published by CBS. 

Things to note:

1. The left's efforts to stigmatize Trump as a racist is falling short. In the past the far left frequently played the race card as a sure-fire method to destroy opposition. In the present accusations of racism may actually gender support. 

2. CBS lavishly uses the language-loading terms "liberal" and "progressive" to describe the far left. It is neither. The word "liberal" denotes one who advocates liberty. The far left advocates authoritarianism. The word "progressive" denotes advancement. Considering the economy is advancing, Donald Trump should accurately be described as a progressive. 

From CBS ▼

The economy and the president's support

This survey has followed the levels of Trump support and opposition over time. Today, buoyed by their feelings that the economy is at least somewhat good, the ranks of Mr. Trump's strongest backers have risen to 22 percent from 18 percent back in January. Many of these backers had previously adopted a wait-and-see approach, labeling themselves as more conditional in their support a few months ago. Supporters overall – both strong and conditional -- together remain less than a majority, however, while the ranks of the strongest Trump opponents have remained steady.


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