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May 12, 2018 -- When Liz Warren culturally appropriates Indian heritage to advance her career, no apology is expected. 

But when Dr. Jill Sonner copted the Indian motif to attract customers, all hell broke loose. 

If you are a small business professional seeking a means to attract millions of dollars in free public relations, we suggest you dress like an Indian in an ad campaign. 

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A Raleigh dentist is apologizing for an ad she called "ignorant and offensive" that ran in a local magazine. 

Dr. Jill Sonner with Renaissance Dental Center said there was no ill intent behind the ad that shows her and two other dentists advertising a free whitening system. 

In the ad, Sonner is dressed in a Native American costume while the other dentists are in a geisha costume and a Scottish outfit. 

The ad appears in the May/June edition of Midtown Magazine.

"The idea behind the ad was just the message that a smile is universal, and we all smile in the same language. We did not realize at the time that it would be offensive or insensitive. We are truly sorry," Sonner told CBS 17. 

The ad has been removed and replaced from Midtown's online version with an ad they created for March Madness.

"In one of our recent advertisements, we attempted to focus upon something that unites us…the warmth and joy behind a smile. We now realize it was ignorant and offensive, and we are truly sorry. We have learned a valuable lesson in this situation. Again, our sincere apologies."

Sonner said they hope to learn and grow from this. 



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  1. apologize for you're out rage prices and only offering a root canal and extraction for bad tooth not a stupid costume.