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May 11, 2018 -- The weird and bizarre global warming cult smacks of 19th century rapture cults that were perennially predicting the second coming of Jesus and the end of the world. 

The religious cult members adjusted their lifestyles to accommodate the imminent return of Jesus. When the end time didn't arrive on schedule, they simply advanced it a few years. 

Global-warming cult members do the same. 

Now image a rapture cult being in control of government. Government policies would be adjusted to accommodate the cult's sacred science. That is currently occurring as the global warming cult imposes its crisis act on the rest of us. 

The California Energy Commission, for example, unanimously voted to approve measures requiring solar panels on all new homes.

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The state's EPA released a dire report Wednesday on the local impacts of climate change.

On the same day, the California Energy Commission unanimously voted to approve measures requiring solar panels on all new homes.

Average night temperatures have risen, spring runoff from the Sacramento River has decreased, more wildfires are blazing and glaciers are shrinking in the Sierra Nevadas. All these are the dire impacts of climate change happening in California, according to a new report released Wednesday by the state's Environmental Protection Agency. 

To be sure, the details of the report are disturbing, but the state is not taking the news lying down. Instead, it is continuing to lead the fight against human-caused climate change by imposing new measures to curb harmful greenhouse emissions.

On the same day the 350-page "Indicators of Climate Change in California" report was released, the California Energy Commission unanimously voted to approve measures requiring solar panels on all new homes, condos and multi-family buildings up to three stories high beginning in 2020. The requirement is a historic first in the United States and is in keeping with the state's ambitious zero net energy goals to reduce greenhouse emissions. 

The report tracks 36 climate indicators and compiles research from numerous studies and scientists. The authors concluded that "climate change is not just a theory" but is "a real, immediate, and growing threat to California’s future."

"The extreme weather events of the last several years are not isolated incidents," Matthew Rodriquez, secretary of the California EPA said in the report. "They are suggestive of the significant and increasingly discernible impacts of climate change in California. The most dramatic impacts include wildfires that are larger and more frequent, and the most severe drought since recordkeeping began."



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