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May 4, 2018 -- If you fight one Muslim, you fight all Muslims. 

Police in Germany had to contend with that cultural phenomenon when they attempted to deport a single Muslim and ended up fleeing from a mob of about 200. 

When we allow Islamic insurgents to invade our nations, we can rest assured they have no intentions of contributing to our cultures nor do they intend to return to their native homelands. 

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200 migrants attack police cars sent to deport a single refugee in Germany and force officers to flee - buying their friend time to escape

Asylum seekers swarmed around three police cars sent to take him to airport 

They hammered on the police vehicles so hard the cars were damaged 

Police unable to send more reinforcements because it would've taken too long 

The man they wanted to deport has now fled and gone into hiding, say police  



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  3. For a major police force to run away and abandon the defenseless suckers who staked everything on them isn't uncommon anymore. In fact, We saw it so much serving overseas it even became boring. But their is still never a shortage of fools happy to give police all possible power while saving not a bit for themselves. London residents wrongly gave up any hope of firearms years ago. And soon, it is suspected that enough of them will give up their citizens right to one more vital tools of emergency survival. So next some badge pusher promotes one their corny liberal "buy back" event call um' up and tell um" to drop dead!