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May 11, 2018 -- Black privilege took another blow as coarse reality derailed a black woman's claim of racism. 

The woman's version of a traffic stop was different from that revealed by the police officer's body cam. 

Take aways:

First, the race card has lost much of its influence as the fake narrative that whites are innately racist is losing credibility. 

Second, recordings are more accurate that eye-witness testimonies. 

Third, always wear a body cam. A cell phone will usually suffice those a GoPro can also be helpful. 

Fourth, the driving-white-black defense is a myth. 

From Fox News ▼

A South Carolina woman who said being pulled over for speeding by a “white cop” was a “traumatic experience” is having her story questioned after police body camera footage from the incident showed a less intense series of events unfolding.

Dawn Hilton-Williams, in a Facebook Live video on April 27, accused a Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office sergeant of racism after she was ordered to sign a summons asking her to appear in court or pre-pay a traffic ticket. The officer said he clocked her going 70 mph in a stretch of rural Route 58 in Virginia that has a 55 mph limit.


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