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May 31, 2018 -- Not all blacks are low intellect, ratchet house Negroes. Some understand that their lives are enhanced by Western technology and are grateful to Donald Trump for creating a positive employment environment for all Americans. 

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A black student at Stanford University explained Wednesday why he stood up during a College Republicans event and said “I’m off the plantation, bro!”

The student, freshman Ebbie Banks, made the remark and bashed Black Lives Matter during a “Make Stanford Great Again” event featuring Turning Point USA’s founder Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, reported The College Fix.

“I am just at a place right now where I am just trying to find truth,” Banks told The Fix. “To be honest, I am not either liberal or conservative — I am not even in the middle. I feel like both sides have partial truths, but not the whole truth. I am just trying to get as many different perspectives as I can. Engage in new ideas, explore new ideas.”

He suggested that his quest to find truth started in high school when he was wrongly accused of sexual assault and white liberals “were very eager to demonize” him. 

“I realized no one on the left was going to validate my victimhood,” Banks said. “If I got stopped by the police I could talk about that with white liberals, but once you talk about being falsely accused, it’s a taboo subject.”

Banks spent a few sentences dishing on Black Lives Matter at Turning Point’s event, blaming the movement for neglecting black fatherhood.



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